4 Ways to Bring in More Fun with the Family

November 24, 2019
Anna Jankowska, LCPC

By Anna Jankowska, MA, CEAP, SAP, LCPC

Anna Jankowska is a mental health, addiction, and substance abuse counselor with over 17 years of experience and has specialized training and skill in working with individuals, groups and communities to improve mental health outcomes. NPI number: 1598843526

Life is short. We need to enjoy the time we have with the people we love, especially our family. However, there are times when spending time with the family falls flat. It can be hard to keep everyone's energy up, especially if you're dealing with preteens and teenagers. Here are 4 ways to bring in more fun with the family.

1. Follow a reward-based system

According to most parenting classes, people are more eager to complete a task if they know that there will be a reward once they're finished. Helped set up your household with a reward-based mindset. You will notice that your kids will get more done. They will also have a much better attitude about it. Some parents require certain things to be done before giving out the tablet or the internet password. You can also use video games, television, or sweet treats. Stick to your guns and only give out the rewards or praise when the required tasks are completed.

2. Make Dinner Fun

We have to have dinner every might. In some cases, this is the best time for the whole family to get together. Make it fun! If the kids like cooking, have them help out in the kitchen. Not only will they be learning a new skill, but the task won't fall completely on you. Our parenting classes even give advice on how to cook with your kids. To make it even more fun, do whimsical things at time. For example, you can have breakfast for dinner. You can also try new and exciting foods.

3. Make Chores More Entertaining

Chores have to get done, but it doesn't always have to be a fight. When it's time to clean up, put on some music. As long as you're getting things done, there's nothing wrong with some singing and dancing while you work. You may even decide to make a game out of chores. Challenge your kids to see who can get their work done first. You may even create a method to determine who did the most throughout the week. The winner can get a small treat or the right to pick the movie later in the day.

4. Vacation Together

If you want to create some fun, family memories, go on a vacation together. You don't even have to go far or spend a lot of money to accomplish this. Look for places close to home to save money. When picking a vacation spot, be sure to ask for input from the children. They will probably want to have a say on where they go. Pick a few pre-approved places and put it up to a vote. This will also help you work through disagreements if people want to go to different places.

We all want to be a happy, fun family. We also want to be a productive family. Following these steps will help you incorporate fun into your every day life while still getting things done.

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