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At the Counseling Center of Illinois, we are a team of dedicated professionals, who strive to provide quality services and programs to people of all backgrounds. Everyone is welcome here and we are ready to help you through this process.
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DUI Evaluations

Regardless of the type of process you may be in need of – for the court (including out-of-state cases) or Secretary of State license reinstatement – Counseling Center of Illinois offers DUI evaluations necessary prior to a DUI offense sentencing. Trusting your DUI drug and alcohol evaluation to us is an absolute must if you’re looking for the proper approach and follow-up DUI classes.

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DUI Classes

From minimal to high risk DUI classes in the Chicagoland area, there is no better choice than Counseling Center of Illinois. Whether you fall under minimal risk and require a minimum of 10 hours of DUI risk education, or fall under moderate to high risk with early intervention and substance abuse treatments, we have you covered.

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SAP Evaluations

A Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) boasts both the hands-on clinical experience and knowledge required for the diagnosis and treatment of substance abuse-related disorders. In accordance with DOT regulations, our SAP evaluations result in recommendations concerning education, treatment, follow-up testing and aftercare so you can return to your work duties as soon as is safely possible.

We have a high success rate helping our customers in the license reinstatement process.
Licensed by the State of Illinois by DASA to provide DUI Evaluations and DUI Classes required by the court and Secretary of State for license reinstatement after DUI conviction.


"Great counselors and administrative staff." I really felt comfortable and welcomed. They helped me to address a lot of underlined issues I had. If you have any questions or don't understand something just ask and they will be glad to sit with you and explain. Overall, this is the best treatment center I've attended.

Kenith McIntosh

I had an out of state DUI and I didn't know I needed a hearing. I finished my classes and I went to get and evaluation to a different agency because t was close to my home. I regret doing that because nobody really talked to me and helped me in anything. I went back to this agency and I got help. I like the counselors and they go out of they way to help everyone. Please don't waste your time going anywhere else. It's not just the money but a lot of time wasted.

Andrew Szustak

I wanted to get my license reinstated and I called a lot of places. Many of them couldn’t answer my question because my situation is a lot more complicated than others. I got my DUI from a different state and I had difficulty obtaining a license in IL. The counselors from the State Location not only prepared a good evaluation but they helped me understand the whole process of the SOS hearing and I was able to get my license in just one hearing. These counselors are not only professional but they also care about their clients. Try calling a few places and then you will know what I’m talking about.

George Garcia

The most competitive and honest DUI services in the Chicago-land area. Come here for your DUI classes and you will not be disappointed! They do the best evaluations, they really care. They will get you your license back!

Nik C

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