6 Reasons Parenting Classes Create Healthy Families

February 10, 2017
Anna Jankowska, LCPC

By Anna Jankowska, MA, CEAP, SAP, LCPC

Anna Jankowska is a mental health, addiction, and substance abuse counselor with over 17 years of experience and has specialized training and skill in working with individuals, groups and communities to improve mental health outcomes. NPI number: 1598843526

Professional parenting classes can teach you everything you need to know about children as they progress through each stage of development. Healthy families are made from loving and informed parents who foster good relationships. Here are six ways parenting classes in Chicago will help you create a healthy family.

You Will Learn How to communicate with your child

Children talk in a different language than adults; one that evolves alongside their mental, physical, and emotional capacity. Listening is the foundation of communicating effectively. Parenting classes will help you understand how your child thinks, and this will improve your ability to truly listen when a child communicates. Instead of reaching a conclusion based solely from an adult perspective, you’ll learn to understand the child’s perspective based on their level of development. Once you learn to understand and speak their language, it becomes easier to teach them yours.

You Will Learn More About Child Development

As children grow, they hit milestone achievements in mental, physical, and emotional development. These are like signposts that show if the child is behind, on track, or advanced in any area. Parenting classes can help you understand each stage of development. Understanding the milestones in children’s development will give you the tools you need to ensure your child succeeds throughout life.

You Will Be Better Able to Meet Your Child’s Emotional Needs

Discipline is one of the most confusing aspects of parenting. Acting out is part of being a child because children are built to test boundaries. Sometimes, however, children act out to show that something is off. It could be something very simple, like wanting a little more time with you or having seen something frightening on television. Understanding more about emotional needs at different stages of development will help you understand when your child is misbehaving to test boundaries, or when your child legitimately needs help.

You Will Feel More Confident

Children play on the emotions of the adults around them. The authority in the room will direct how they respond because young children have no blueprint for how to act. The more confident you are, the better the behavior you will model. Children will feel more secure, and they will likely follow directions better.

You Will Learn How to Choose a Good Daycare

Many children spend most of their waking childhood in daycare, so it is essential to find a good one. Avoid changing daycares before age three as well because this can be detrimental. The more you understand your child, the better you will be able to discern if they are happy and progressing normally. This makes it easier to tell if your daycare isn’t living up to their promises.

You Will Learn All Sorts of Parenting Hacks

Having kids is hectic sometimes, so it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve! You can find classes that will teach you how to calm a crying baby instantly, diaper like a pro, or fix quick and balanced meals.

As you can see, parenting classes help to create peace of mind and confidence. They can also help you understand your child better, which helps them to understand you better. That’s a sound basis for any good relationship, and good relationships make for healthy families.

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