How To Let Go of Anger And Have Your Emotions Under Control

September 11, 2019
Anna Jankowska, LCPC

By Anna Jankowska, MA, CEAP, SAP, LCPC

Anna Jankowska is a mental health, addiction, and substance abuse counselor with over 17 years of experience and has specialized training and skill in working with individuals, groups and communities to improve mental health outcomes. NPI number: 1598843526

There are many psychologists who see anger as an empowering emotion. When channeled correctly, there are psychologists who believe that anger can fuel productive change. Truthfully, it depends on the person. There are some people who completely fall apart when they're faced with a situation that makes them angry. Truthfully, anger has the power to be a catalyst. However, you can't allow anger to remain your long-term motivator. In fact, anger can stir up toxic emotions in your body. When you don't release it, anger can be extremely toxic. Consider the following ways you can actively let go of your anger and stay in control.

1. Silence is Golden

Instead of immediately reacting to the situation, take time to be quiet. It's easy to get riled up and match the energy of the person who's making you upset. Instead, it might be best to go inward to process what's happening. Think before you speak.

2. Talk Time Away From The Situation

man going for a walk to release anger and stress

If your spouse made you upset, it might be best to go for a walk. Take a little time away from the dynamic to diffuse your emotions and calm down. If you're stuck inside of the same place where you had the argument, the setting might get you even more upset. If you're at work, go to the bathroom stall to collect yourself. Instead of eating lunch at your desk, go to a local restaurant for a change in scenery.

3. Find Ways to Exert Energy

Exercise is always excellent for coping with intense anger. Plus, you'll naturally release endorphins. Endorphins are considered the ‘feel-good' hormone. You'll definitely need more endorphins when you're working through a situation that caused you to be upset. Go for a walk if you're really upset. Do some push-ups or yoga to move energy around in your body.

4. Seek Help to Cope

anger management classroom

Never underestimate the power of anger management classes. While anger is a normal emotion to experience at times, it can also be toxic if it's not managed correctly. Anger management is a skill that many people can benefit from. Never be ashamed to attend anger management classes so that you can learn more about how you can improve your emotional capacity and bandwidth. Do your research to learn more about how others have used courses in anger management to improve their lives from a practical standpoint.

5. Implement a System of Self-Care

When you're intentional about your own self-care, it's a lot easier to let things roll off your back. When you're walking around with a ton of stress, you're probably a ticking time bomb. To avoid this, actively find ways to take care of yourself on a daily basis. Cultivate a fun hobby. Spend time with loving friends and family members. Go on vacations. Indulge in activities that make you happy.

One important skill to develop in life is the ability to evolve. Sure, something might've bothered you a year ago. However, with intentional emotional assessments and growth, you need to learn to evolve past a situation. If you let every little situation bother you, it'll be difficult to develop the capacity you need to be happy and succeed in life. Once you've dealt with the catalyst of your anger, let it go. You'll be better because of it.

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